Santini Rack Table

We've named this incredible piece after the client who inspired its creation: Santini, the Dark Master of Escape.

This ten-foot-long medieval-looking rack table features rope drums at both ends for double stretching fun. Gear and brake mechanism on each drum allows for rope tension to be cranked up notch by notch, and quickly released with brake released handle. Drums are turned by inserting metal pikes in drum holes - a dramatic, authentic medieval touch.

The table shown here was "distressed" and faux-finished to create an ancient, weathered look., and all metal hardware was tarnished.


  • • poplar hardwood


  • • distressed


  • • W 36" × L 120" × H 24"
  • • 91 cm × 305 cm × 61 cm


  • • BT-2000 $3,495

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