Master R’s Dungeon Equipment started out over 20 years ago in Toronto, serving the BDSM community by providing playroom and dungeon furniture and gear.

We build all of our dungeon / playroom pieces to last and (let’s be honest) to stand up to their fair share of abuse; when you purchase a bed frame or sling you will have it for life thanks to the robust construction and design. Each piece is hand crafted to ensure the highest of quality control throughout production.

Custom work is our specialty – we are masters at taking your fantasy and making it reality. Whether a modification to one of our existing pieces or something totally different our experience and excellence in craftsmanship assures that the final product will exceed your expectations.

Dedicated enthusiasts or weekend afficianados, Master R’s collection of furniture is made for you.

Master R’s line of quality BDSM furniture is perfect for any dedicated dungeon or playspace – built to last and built to take abuse. But did you know that all models (with the exception of the Deluxe Bed Frame) can be easily disassembled for storage and transport?